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Rob White, Blue Water Hunter Spearfishing ChartersOriginally from Santa Barbara, California, Rob White started spearfishing at the age of 11 in the summer of 1982 after he overheard some people on the beach talking about the amazingly clear water off the coast, which was normally like soup. Up to that point Rob had only played with a mask and snorkel in a swimming pool, so the thought of actually seeing fish sent him sprinting for the ocean. A friend and he lay side by side on a boogie board staring down at all the life swimming in and out of the gently swaying kelp beds. He was hooked! That night Rob went into his brother’s closet and commandeered a rusty, old speargun. He says, “I think the speargun spent the night in bed with me.” And he had dreams of shooting whales and giant squid, everything he had seen in movies and on TV.

The next day Rob shot his first fish, a small Leopard shark. He had no idea what to do with it but it was way cool for a kid. Caused quite a stir on the beach too. Rob felt like a hero, until someone asked him why he shot it. He said, “I don’t know,” and I felt bad for the rest of the day. After that Rob learned and respected the saying, “spear only what you are going to eat and leave the rest.” He says he still lives by that rule.

Quite a few years had gone by and Rob found himself living in a dreamland called Hawaii. He had never been to this mystical place before but he just decided to pack up a couple of bags and try it out. It was 1994 and Rob found himself diving in the warm tropical waters near Magic Sands beach in Kailua Kona. About thirty feet down Rob extended his arms in this crystal-clear bath-like water and inhaled a breath of air, well, actually water. “It felt so dreamlike,” Rob explains, “it seemed as if I was just flying through the air.” Naturally, Rob broke the surface coughing up salt water and laughing all the way home.

In November of 1997 the Blue Water Hunter Hawaii freediving and spearfishing store was born. Rob was acting manager. And in October of 2003 Rob took over the Blue Water Hunter Hawaii as sole proprietor. Rob states, “I have learned so much over the years diving in Hawaii, from training and competing in freediving and spearfishing events, holding spearfishing records, producing spearfishing videos, to simply just living the life as a spero I have thoroughly enjoyed giving back to the community by teaching as many people as I can some things our ocean realm has to offer.”

Rob goes on to explain, “It’s important to know what’s the best equipment is for each individual, their level, to know the inherent dangers within the sport and how to protect against them, to know the skills and techniques to improve upon each persons abilities and to excel at the sport, to instill the morality of physical and mental discipline and conservation of our limited resources. And most importantly, for all of our family, friends, clients and customers to teach all these things to future generations.”

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