Blue Water Spearfishing Charter

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We will begin our day jumping in the clear blue water from our customized 20ft. Twin Vee boat to spear giant blue water game fish. After meeting at the Honokohau Harbor at 7:30am we will cruise to several dive locations. Taking into consideration every diver’s individual needs we will discuss your spearfishing experiences and desires for the day. After just a few minutes boating along the incredibly beautiful and unique Big Island coastline we will suit up and get in the water perusing the deep blue. You will be guided in pursuit of the island’s most succulent open water fish species like Mahi mahi, Ono and Ahi followed by lunch, a fresh water shower and finishing the dive day by 1:30pm.

We supply sandwiches, snacks and water for the divers and chum to attract game fish. We have a captain on the boat at all times to operate the vessel and a dive guide in the water at all times to help locate game fish and help you in any way. For your convenience, all of your snorkeling, freediving and spearfishing equipment is included with every charter. We have YouTube videos at for even more entertainment and information.

Sharks are a common concern for many of our divers. Let me assure you that you don’t have to worry about seeing sharks because you, with all likelihood, WILL see a shark, or two… You see, we actually hope to see sharks. One of our goals during every charter is to find sharks so that we may show our customers how to “interact” with these beautiful animals. Most people have never seen a shark in the wild so we want to share this amazing experience with everyone in a safe, semi-controlled, supervised environment. No cages, no bang sticks, just our knowledge and experience. We discourage petting or hand feeding the sharks though, sorry. We may also encounter a variety of dolphins and whales, manta rays and whale sharks.

Even though blue water spearfishing is considered “advanced,” it is our main focus. Blue water spearfishing is considered advanced because, typically speaking, the fish are larger and more powerful than your average reef fish. The reality is hunting reef fish in Hawaii requires a lot of skill just to shoot a small fish. Shooting reef fish is gear simplistic but labor intensive, shooting blue water fish is gear intensive but labor simplistic. In other words to shoot reef fish in Hawaii you need a very good breath-hold and knowledge of the fish, but you don’t necessarily need expensive, high-tech equipment. Whereas blue water spearfishing may only require a dive to ten feet and to hold your breath for ten seconds but you need very good equipment that can handle the size and power of blue water game fish. The reasoning behind this is fairly simple, many people hunt reef fish whereas blue water fish may have never seen a human. But once a powerful blue water fish is speared they will break inadequate gear or they will simply swim off with it never to be seen again.

Where we find many of our creatures to view and hunt is at our local FAD’s. No, that doesn’t mean spearfishing has anything to do with the latest trends; a FAD is a “Fish Aggregation Device,” or buoy, that is anchored to the ocean floor. Off the Kona coast we have approximately 7 FAD’s within reach during daylight hours, however, it is only possible to reach about 3 of the available 7 FAD’s during our charters’ six hour time frame. Sometimes we will come across floating debris, which may hold an abundance of game fish, sharks, dolphins etc.

For those who wish to further their skills and adventure please take a look at our other Dive Charter options, such as Freediving Class, Spearfishing Class or Reef Spearfishing.

Upon booking, please provide your height, weight, and shoe size for proper fitting. Also, please provide us with any special dietary needs. All of your diving equipment will be provided for your ultimate experience. Click here for more information on the equipment you will be provided for your adventure with the Blue Water Hunter.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be done no less than one week ahead of the agreed charter date otherwise all charter fees will be forfeited. Charters canceled due to weather will be refunded in full. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.

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