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Our Spearfishing Classes are designed for people who are either beginners, intermediate or advanced spearfishers alike. We do, however, require you to have at least basic skills and understanding of diving masks, snorkels, fins and water/ocean orientation and swimming ability. We generally teach for the purpose of personal betterment in the discipline of hunting with a speargun because the benefits of freedive spearfishing over scuba spearfishing are huge! The skills and equipment for giant, world record fish are similar to general food collection spearfishing but with a few differences in equipment and rigging so we teach appropriately for each individual level of spearfishing.

Before we hit the water you will be taught your desired level of freediving and spearfishing psychology and physiology as well as numerous skills and training regiments to greatly improve your ability instantly! That’s right, 100% of all our clients thus far have either doubled or even tripled their ability to hold their breath in ONE DAY and have been able to distinguish the differences from our local invasive species of fish, food species and trophy fish to spearfish! Like all of our adventures you will have a guide/safety diver in the water with you at all times to help you with anything you might need. Either way, freediving to spear fish on the reef or in the blue water plan on having fun in a supervised and safe environment.

We will begin our day at 7:30am from the Honokohau harbor and finish the day of spearfish training around 1:30pm. All of your freediving and spearfishing equipment will be provided for your ultimate experience during your charter. Taking into consideration every diver’s individual needs we will sit on our customized 20 foot twin-vee boat with comfortable seating for 7 people and discuss your freediving and spearfishing experiences and desires for the day. After a couple hours of lessons and training on the boat we will suit up and get in the water perusing the depths you are most comfortable with to practice drills and begin hunting fish, finishing the dive with lunch and a fresh-water shower waiting for you on the boat.

For those who wish to further their skills and adventure please take a look at our other Dive Charter options, such as Freediving Class, Reef Spearfishing or Blue Water Spearfishing.

Upon booking, please provide your height, weight, and shoe size for proper fitting. Also, please provide us with any special dietary needs. All of your diving equipment will be provided for your ultimate experience. Click here for more information on the equipment you will be provided for your adventure with the Blue Water Hunter.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be done no less than one week ahead of the agreed charter date otherwise all charter fees will be forfeited. Charters canceled due to weather will be refunded in full. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.

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